Friday, May 3, 2013

........hello lovlies.

ummm.... march 11 was my last post. i am not good at this blog thing lately. i am working constantly or entertaining my cute kids. can't complain.

maddox is such a stud. 7 months old..... um, thats crazy. he's scooting, sitting up, and is such a joy!

andilyn is 2 almost 2.5 years old. that is just stupid. i love it but it just goes by so fast you don't even realize it.

these two kids together are just perfect! blake and i are super lucky to have these two babes.

we've been so busy with going to Disneyland, working, park dates, shopping trips, making life altering decisions, and catching up on our dvr :) blake and i celebrated our third year wedding anniversary on the 16th of april! it was so fun! we went to the melting pot and had a night just for us two! thanks Leyla :) it was so fun to reminisce, see how much has changed, and how BLESSED WE ARE! i love it.

i am so sorry i suck at blogging lately. i am good at the picture thing though so just
follow us on IG. julesfarnsworth and you can see all the cute pictures of whats happening lately!!!!

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