Monday, March 11, 2013

guys im back.

i haven't blogged forever.
i feel bad about it because i need to track Maddox better.
but these two kids and two jobs keep me busy, can you blame me!?
so here i go playing catch up!

after Andilyn turned TWO she has changed a lot. her sentences are so much better. she throws awesome tantrums (those are fading, we've got better days than others) and her "wanting mommy" phase has been here to stay! hey! she's crying over not having candy currently! go Andi! she is still sweet and is getting better playing with others! she is OBSESSED STILL with Maddox. he is her favorite person on this planet. she prays at dinner it goes like this, "heaven father, danks(thanks)for food, and Magics(Maddox), and daddy, and mommy, and sippy cup, and da table! AMEN!" it's the best. we always call on her to pray. it's so much better that way! she has been on a no napping kick but has napped the last three days..... so we shall see what happens. she is such a champ dealing with me working two jobs and is so patient with me truly! she loves her daddy, it's the best time when daddy comes home! isn't it for all of us!?! she wears 3T shirts and 2T bottoms(they're cutting it close and quickly becoming high waters but she is so skinny!!) Andilyn is so tall and weighs 28lbs. she has lost weight because her choice of food just stinks. she loves anything that has to do with cheese but she can't drink cows milk so she drinks almond milk. expensive child ;) she loves her fruit leather roll ups! she wont eat plain fruit except watermelon! geez can't wait for pickiness to be over with! i don't handle that well! but! Andilyn is the best big sister and daughter! she loves to be a helper! her new fav is sophia the first and doc mcstuffins! she makes life so fun!!

now our little Magics. literally, thats what he goes by.. it's stuck! he is such a joy! what did we do without our Maddox! seriously he's so great! i love watching him grow and he has the biggest cheerleader by his side 24/7! he scoots! yes, scoots you guys! he's a binky boy! i know it will be a pain to get rid of but im enjoying it now! he is so cute with his little bink! his two bottom teeth are bulging, like BULGING and should be here soon!! he is such an easy kid! his health issues are better! we shouldn't have to worry about those anymore! he has short legs! i love them! he is 17lbs! he's a chunk and we LOVE it! he's a solid boy! he loves his toy rings so he can chew the heck out of them! he loves to have a blanket anywhere near him and he is a big snuggler! he loves his Mickey Mouse buddy too! he is pure boy and i love it! he adores Andi. their relationship could kill you with cuteness. i can shower with both of them awake and not worry about them because Andi will just hold his hand, lay by him, be on her stomach with him saying "come on baby magics bubba boy you can do it" like i said they're champs together. if Maddox isn't in the car at the same time as Andi she will say WHERES MAGICS!!?!?!? super concerned he doesn't get left behind (never!!!) he loves taking walks in the double stroller! he loves baths. he just floats there with the biggest smile on his face!! he wears size 2 diapers! he doesn't have sensitive skin like Andi does! thank heavens makes diaper choices much easier! we love our little baby boy! he is so great!!!

for us as the family life has been good and we cannot complain! things settled down besides having to get a new ac unit :) Blake is getting his ASU stuff figured out and i am doing duties at home and my two jobs! it keeps us busy and happy! i love to see how we always seem to make it. with anything that comes our way we are able to stick together and i love that! with the challenges in the past it helps us every day get better and better! Blake and I have been married almost three years! THREE YEARS! its my year to plan our anniversary! and I am still working on that but have a good idea what we will be doing! 

I am down twenty pounds after having Maddox. took me longer but I am happy!! I feel like I am at such a good point in my life, despite hard things here and there I am able to handle things better and tackle more than I thought I could! I love that being a mom does that to you! I have such great friends! It helps having good friends, in your same phase of life and understanding the good and bad and lifting you up! Thank you Emily, Alyssa, and Emily! I am physically on the right track with the perfect balance of not obsessing over it like I used to :) I don't beat myself up if I didn't get everything done in one day. I take the "drop of awesome" daily! I feel like Blake and I have grown so much since we first were together.. isn't that how it's supposed to go? :) He is the best thing for me and to me. I am sure grateful for that. I got a new calling, I teach Relief Society you guys.... I just got the calling yesterday and almost lost my mind. I can't believe it. I'm anxious to see how it goes! Being a mom... sometimes I just walk into my room shove my face in the pillow and breath for about a minute and come back out and tackle the situation and take a couple ibprofen and move on! I really am just so happy with how far i've come! I think anniversaries do that to you, they help you reflect how far you've come and be proud of yourself through good and hard times!

well i think thats the roundup for the month! i will be better with the blog :)
and here are pictures of the kids, because you don't see enough do you!
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  1. They are the cutest. Maddox is bigger than Hayden, go Maddox! Ps teaching relief society was my favorite. You'll love it:)

  2. I LOVED teaching Relief Society!!! Seriously, one of my favorite callings to date!

    Your kids are pretty stinking cute. :)

  3. Aw perfect update - love reading them! Your kids are dolls!

  4. such a perfect update!! i now understand why moms dont blog everyday... how in the heck do we find time?? love youuuu