Sunday, February 10, 2013

Andi is almost TWO

Since I will be partying with Andilyn on her actual birthday I thought I would write about what Andilyn is like at two. I wish I knew what I was like at two, maybe she will appreciate this.

1.You are just a ball of joy.
2. You're not the typical toddler, you've always acted older than your age
3. Your big brown eyes, they just suck you right in
4. You tell us to "STAY!" when you don't want us to see what you are doing :)
5. You're in love with Mickey Mouse and the entire clubhouse, still.
6. You loves her princess Tangled and princess "fella rella" Cinderella
7. You love the swing
8. You eats onions, plain. red onions. it's so weird. I have to force you to eat a cookie sometimes over an onion... and you love vinegar, banana peppers, all that good acid stuff... you definitely embrace the Mediterranean in you
9. She is so smart, she's been counting past 10 since she was 18 months and can spell her name
10. You LOVE coloring in the bath
11. You are so inviting, you show everyone they're special and great
12. You say, "NO!" in her sassiest tone and laughs after you do it
13. You have been picking up on everything we say since I can remember and it freaks me out
14. You love watching food network with me, you're my buddy in the kitchen
15. You love to snuggle, it's your parents favorite
16. You are the biggest love bug, just so full of life, don't loose that
17. You make me laugh daily even if my patience is thin, you can change that in a second
18. You're the biggest helper
19. You make everybody around you happy
20. You dress darling, despite what you say when you're older and see pictures of how I dressed you, believe me you were rockin' little lady
21. You love when your daddy comes home
22. Your hair is crazy and hilarious
23. You are so confident, don't loose that. You're perfect just the way you are little lady
24. You ask for a treat where you KNOW you will get a treat (for example, the farmers market)
25. You can work the iphone like a champ, I practically share my phone with you
26. You're tall
27. You have the most perfect little body
28. When I send you to time out it rips my heart out because of your bottom lip, gets me everytime
29. You love to dance and be a little gymnast
30. You love to have bows in your hair
31. You are so concerned about the birds, I am not sure why
32. You love animals
33. You love being outside
34. You recently are curious about the toilet and playing in it... gross :)
35. You are a little mamma. You love to feed Maddox
36. "Magics" (Maddox) is your best friend you love him to no end
37. You love all your cousins and grandparents, all of them
38. Your memory is amazing already
39. You love mac and cheese, duh
40. You can't drink cows milk, but you eat cheese, it's odd
41. You are obsessed with chocolate
42. You love to say "Uh OH I drop a _____ {fill in the blank}
43. Minnie is your love
44. You love to sing
45. You love baths
46. You are so happy 99% of the time
47. You are good at making me better
48. You love working out with me, especially squats
49. You love dancing in the car
50. You know you are hilarious
51. You always want us to make sure you are ok, even though you know you are, you love that extra attention, we love it too
52. You have the cutest laugh
53. You have loved Lion King and I don't think it will ever get old
54. You are at the stage where you try and whine to get what you want
55. You are easy to love
56. You don't like to get too close to the bathroom drain
57. You have impeccable manners, especially only being two
58. I have been told more times than I can count how cute you are, always. You and your brother.
59. You love diet coke................
60. You're sensitive to juice
61. You are so fun
62. You're very obedient, you make parenting fun
63. You're my little buddy. 
64. If I am crying you are so concerned, it makes everything better
65. You give us hope when things are hard, you motivate us and give us the faith we need to know everything will be ok
66. You have the worst allergies, your dad is very sorry about that one 
67. You love all things disney
68. You have slept in my old twin bed since you were 17 months old
69. You love pizza, fruit snacks, fruit leather roll ups, frozen yogurt, turkey dogs, bread, hard boiled eggs, turkey bacon, nutella and peanut butter sandwiches, slices of turkey, cheese quesadillas, chips, etc.
70. You are easy to please
71. So many people love you, don't forget that
72. You have blessed our lives for the better, you make our family complete
73. Happy Birthday our little Andilyn, we love you more than you know.

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