Friday, January 11, 2013

my babes

my sweet baby boy Maddox has changed our lives, for the better.

having kids is a lifetime commitment
one that you don't realize until they're in your hands
you realize they are yours forever
it's intimidating
it's a huge blessing
it's hard
and it's the most rewarding and loving job people can have
they become YOUR life
EVERYTHING you do, you do it for them
their sweet precious lives has become your responsibility to take over
to love, give them the best life possible full of love, and to teach love love love

Maddox and Andilyn have taught me literally something EVERY DAY
{not cliche, so true}
they make me love more
they have taught me lots of patience
they have taught me how to step back, look at the situation and then react
they've taught me real innocence
they are my greatest joys

with Maddox having the issues he has had in his short 3.5 months of life
he has shown me more love that i thought i could ever "distribute"
when you have one child, it's MIND BLOWING to think you can love, like that, with all of your kids.
i never wondered if i'd give enough love to all of my kids
i knew it would just happen

Maddox had his surgery yesterday
and hopefully the last
{i love Phoenix Childrens Hospital but not enough to see them AGAIN}
as i was waiting for his sweet self to come out of the anesthesia 
i saw his precious white bundled 15lb body, yes 15
{chubby boy}
i was hit in the face with a smile 
of gratitude that i couldn't wipe off my face
how grateful i am for such great doctors that have taken my sweet babe
although it wasn't EXTREME surgery, it saved him from pain
surgery is surgery, it's hard and its so hard to watch your children go
in somebody elses hands
{i'd never wish that experience on anybody}

Maddox surgery couldn't of gone any better
we brought our sweet boy home
and snuggled that boy tight
he is SUCH a happy baby, just like his sister
watching those two together makes a parents heart the happiest it could be
i love those two kids of mine
thank you kids, for rocking the 22 year world of mine
for the best it could ever be

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  1. Blake and Julie - so glad everything went well with Maddox. You've been in our prayers.