Saturday, January 26, 2013

how precious life is

im a sentimental person. i know that loosing my mom triggered that more than i could've known... well we just got back from a movie, the impossible for my father in laws birthday. we went to the amc biltmore theater, it was amazing. the movie has basically changed my life. or at least as made a huge impact on me. i wont ruin the movie for you, but all i am going to say is it will stick with you for a long time, and you will relate it to your life, and it will rip your heart out, and you will cry... actually probably bawl.

putting the kids to bed tonight was heart wrenching, because my love for them was through the roof. just when you literally think you love them with all you have, something else comes out of no where and you're overwhelmed and love them more than you couldn't even think of. my love for my kids isn't even something that can be expressed. watching the movie thought of what my dad went through when my mom died.. heart gut wrenching pain that i wouldn't wish on anybody. the love from parents to children is unreal until you have your own and you "know" what people are talking about..

i don't know the reason for this post. just because life got put into perspective even more tonight, i learned more, thought more, and loved more.. all because of a movie. even more so do you get the reminder of, material things don't matter.. it was a true story but it just makes you appreciate life more than you thought you already could. so go see the movie you won't regret it. ps. don't bring your kids, just take my advice. don't

love you babies of mine


  1. I want to see it so bad! After I read your status the other day, I told Shan we have to go see it.

  2. Thats my kind of movie! i LOVE coming out with a new perspective/ a better outlook on life! Love theM!