Friday, December 28, 2012

new year.

 as the new year will begin in a few days.. i decided to document my goals
not resolutions otherwise it'll be forgotten and failed

my relationship with blake has been great
hard, as all relationships are.. but good, we've grown together
we've grown up, we've changed, we've learned.. but it's not all easy to get to this point
i want to keep our relationship young
having two kids in three years has been a blessing
but has been a learning experience for our relationship
we've proven we can do it, if both are in it, and we are
but we don't get out, just us two, as much as we should
so in 2k13 i promise to keep our relationship young, vibrant, learning, fun, selfless experience

another goal i have is health, as usual
i will go to the gym monday through friday
i will keep my family active
i will continue to keep the good habits
and continue to be grateful for the health that we have

i will be a better mother
i will continue to take the time for my kids over all other things
i will absorb it as much as i have been able to
i will grow in the patience department
i will be the best example for my kids
these babes are my everything, i'd do anything for them

i want to continue to grow as a mom and wife
i don't want to live in fear for what will happen and is happening in this world
i want to be the base for the family, and be a strong, hopeful point for my kids
i want to keep our house a safe haven, a place of peace
i want to apply myself more in things that matter
i will continue to do my very best

i'm ready for the new year, and for what it will bring! through the struggles and high points in every year that comes, i will be more ready for them than last year :) happy new year!

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