Monday, December 31, 2012

let's have a recap

Started out our new year with one baby
This was the month I got pregnant and didn't know if I was yet
One month away from having a ONE year old!
We had just gotten our new car! such a blessing!
I got a new job teaching gymnastics as well as still working at the salon!

Andilyn turned one!
I found out on her birthday I was pregnant with our second sweet babe
Threw me for a freakin' loop, let me tell you.
House hunting began
My brother moved home
I was working teaching gymnastics!

I was sick as a dog
Andilyn was learning new things everyday
We took a mini trip to California to have a little break

We enjoyed Easter with family, Andilyns first easter egg hunt
Baby William joined the family!
We went back to Blake's mission in Atlanta, GA; a HUGE trip for us, amazing experience, Blake was in heaven, we went to Coke World, Georgia Aquarium, and met all of his people, it was amazing
We found out we were having a BOY!
We celebrated out second anniversary! It was a good month!

My dad got married
We celebrated a happy mothers day expecting our son, Maddox and enjoying our Andilyn!!
Unky came home from his mission from the Philippines and met Andilyn and Charlotte! 
Celebrated Blake's 24th birthday!!
Swimming season began, and we were still house hunting!!

We were prepping for our fabulous yearly annual Farnsworth trip to California
WE FOUND OUR FIRST HOME!! The stresses of that were so there, and it was all worth it!
Andilyn got her molers and was a bad teething month! 

We went to California for the 4th, it was a blast
I turned 22
We closed on our home and moved in the 28th
It was an INSANE month

Prepping for the little boy to come
Fixing up the home
This was a struggling month financially
And we had no idea what was going to be coming

I had my AMAZING baby shower thrown by my aunt!
Maddox came earlier than expected, 24 days early and had a little bit of struggles
We found a leak in our new home, we had those struggles
Maddox was in the NICU, and came home 6 days later and we found out more problems after that
This was a bittersweet month

We had to move out of our house with our sweet newborn and lovely toddler Andilyn, for 5 weeks
We had our house REDONE {blessing in disguise}
We had a fun Halloween! It was a good month even though LOTS was going on!!

We moved back in our home
We celebrated lots of birthdays in our families
Maddox had his first surgery
We had a great thanksgiving with Farnsworths
Things were slowing down, but had little hiccups along the way!

We had a great Christmas! Im a person that would celebrate all month if I could! We had a great Christmas Eve with my family, and Christmas Day with his family. Making new traditions for our family. We really have enjoyed this month, like every month we've had trials. But we know we are taken care of, watched over, and extremely thankful to all that we have. We are so lucky to have two kids to love on. Our great humble home. Figuring out this life of ours! We hope you had a great year, it will be interesting to see what 2013 brings! xoxo!

happy new year!